Choosing And Applying The Right Shades On EyeShadows

As we all know, the eyes are the most important and noticeable point of the face, the eyes makeup techniques and the choice of colors for eyeshadows have to suit to the shape and the color of your skin and most importantly of your eyes’ shape and color. If you apply the eye shadows correctly you can make your eyes look smaller, bigger, set apart or set closely together. The right shades of shadows emphasize the eyes and co-ordinate the color of the makeup with clothing. Eye shadows come in different types, textures and shades. There are liquid eyeshadows, eye shadow pencil, cream shadows, loose and pressed powder eye shadows.
Liquid eyeshadows are easy-to-apply. They add shimmering to your eyes and can serve as a base to help other eye shadows layered on them to set. The liquid eye shadows produce a translucent wash of color.Powder eyeshadows come in single or color coordinated sets. They accentuate the eyes and must be applied with a brush. The powder eyeshadows are available as loose powder or pressed powder. Sometimes small particles of gold leaf, bronze or silver are included to produce a metallic effect. They blend well, wear well and come in more colors.Cream eyeshadows – they are harder to apply and often collect in the eyelids crease during the day. Cream shadows must be applied with fingers or with a makeup sponge. Never apply more than two colors.Pencil eyeshadows – they are easy to apply and blend well. Eye shadow and pencil put together will give you easy application and maximum convenience.

How to apply eye shadows:

Step 1:

The first thing you should do is to apply an eye shadow base, concealer or foundation over the eyelid. These products help you keep your eyeshadow in place all day long, provide a base to reveal the eyeshadows’ true color and gives the shadows something to cling onto to prevent slipping.

Step 2:
If you are going to use powder eye shadows apply them with the help of a damp makeup brush. Choose a flat tipped brush to apply the shadows evenly. Brushes work better than the small sponge applicators that come with the cosmetic cases. Blend base color with large brush, for the light colors use smeller brush. Sweep the lightest shade over the entire eyelid from the lash line to the brow line in order to create the smudge resistant base.

Step 3:
After applying the base color and the lightest shade of eyeshadow, apply the second color on the lower lid and blend it into your base color. The color should go over the entire lid and just above the crease. Load the brush and tap off the excess.

Step 4:
If you want to use a third color, apply it along the lash line and the outer corners of your eyes again with damp brush. The third shade must be the darkest. Blend slightly into the medium color, this way you will create depth.

Step 5:
If you want to glamorize your eyes for a night party you should add shimmer to highlight your eyes. Blend away any hard edges to perfect your look.How to choose the right shade of eye shadows:Dark muted colors / brown, olive, plum/ – produce a sophisticated look. These colors are appropriate for those with dark eyes.
Pastel colors /blue, green, peach/ – produce very soft effects. They are appropriate for people with blond hair and blue eyes.
Pale colors / pearl, white/ – have highlighting effect and help make eyes appear biggerSoft colors / gray, beige, sage/ – create a more natural look
Bright colors / blue, green, yellow, violet/ – they are appropriate for those who love to experiment with their look. They must be applied carefully and must be blended well.
Always choose an eye shadow color that matched your skin tone, eye color and face makeup.
Use bright shades to add a subtle hint of color.
Select eyeshadow shades which will accentuate your natural coloring.
Very dark brown eyes can wear almost any color

If your eyes look tired you should extend the color from the outer corner of the lid upwards to give them a feline shape.
To lighten dark circles under the eyes, wrap a grated cucumber, potato or banana in a cloth and apply to the eyelids for about 15 minutes.To make your eyes look bigger and more seductive curl your lashes before applying mascara both on the upper and lower lashes.
Use black or navy blue mascara to add definition.
You can use white liner, it really opens up the eye, apply it on the inside corner of the upper and lower lashes. Brush a light shadow from lash line to brow
Always use eyeshadows of good quality – they stay for longer, don’t crease, flake or fade.
Keep your brushes and sponge applicators clean
Always apply an eye shadow base or concealer, this way the shadow will stay in place all day long. If you want to make your eyes appear closer emphasize the inner corners of your eyes.
Always use a brush to apply eye shadow – it will be easier for you to control the application
Never use more than two shades of cream shadows otherwise you would create a grayish mess on your lids.
Always shake any excess powder off the brush before applying it to the lids.
Don’t apply more than three colors of eye shadows – use a light, medium and darker shade.Choose colors that blend easily
Always blend the shadows well – there would be no edge lines from one color to another
Always check that shadow application is balanced on both eyes
Never overdo your lipstick or eye makeup.
Set your eye shadows with loose transparent powder to avoid creasing.
Never apply eye shadow if there is an infection present, if your eyes are watery or if they are feeling sensitive

Choosing And Applying The Right Shades On EyeShadows

Choosing And Applying The Right Shades On EyeShadows
Choosing And Applying The Right Shades On EyeShadows

Choosing And Applying The Right Shades On EyeShadowsChoosing And Applying The Right Shades On EyeShadows
Choosing And Applying The Right Shades On EyeShadows

Choosing And Applying The Right Shades On EyeShadowsChoosing And Applying The Right Shades On EyeShadows
Choosing And Applying The Right Shades On EyeShadows


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