Self Renewal

Are stressful days leaving you dragging? Invigorate your senses and relax your entire body for instant renewal that will keep you going the whole week through. Renewal of mind, body and soul can be achieved more easily than you think just set aside some time for yourself and slip away into a carefree moment.

Renewal of Hair and Scalp
With extreme temperatures, excessive blow-drying and chemical processing, hair and scalp may suffer damages that are not immediately apparent to the naked eye. After time, dry, peeling scalp, split ends and brittle hair may result. To remedy these undesirable traits, revamp your daily maintenance routine. Change products to a moisture-rich shampoo formula and a deep conditioning treatment. Something like St. Ives Hair Repair Intensive Conditioner will generally provide immediate results in the texture of your tresses and the way your scalp feels. While shampooing, gently use your fingernails on your scalp as the suds course through your hair. In a light scratching motion, refresh your scalp and rinse away any dry particles. For a truly invigorating experience, apply a deep conditioning treatment with a tingling effect. Before rinsing, allow product to saturate hair and scalp for two minutes or as directed.If at all possible, avoid over-drying hair with a blow dryer. By allowing hair to dry naturally, strands are kept intact longer, leaving them soft, shiny and healthy-looking.

Renewal of Eyes
For tired, overworked eyes, get as cool as a cucumber by placing a cold slice on each eye. If no cucumbers are to be found, substitute a cold, damp washcloth, wrung out and placed over both eyes. Lay back and relax for a few moments while your eyes absorb the cooling effects. To best relieve bloodshot eyes, though, make an early appointment with your bed!

Renewal of Skin
To reinvigorate your skin and your body altogether, choose a gentle exfoliant to restore a healthy glow to your visage. (I recommend St. Ives Apricot Scrub.) Using your selected product, gently buff away any rough spots and dry skin cells in seconds. Remembering to repeat this process regularly will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and perfect. For further rejuvenation, a facial mud mask applied at least once a week will dry out problem areas on your skin, relax facial muscles and relieve tension lines as the mask hardens in minutes. Allow the mask to dry as you relax while reading a book or magazine, watching part of a television program or writing out your shopping list.

The Whole Body Experience
Macrobiotic Counselor Patrick Riley suggests doing a daily body rub, which involves dipping a white washcloth in warm water and vigorously rubbing every square inch of ones body. He explains that this procedure would leave the skin feeling fresh and renewed, while also freeing the mind. (Note: this is a great exfoliating technique as well.) Additionally, scented moisturizing lotions for dry elbows, knees and legs will help to keep skin soft and smooth, moisturized and healthy. Renewal of Feet
Pedicures operate as an excellent stress-buster and they work very well as a means of refreshing and reinvigorating the body. If an all-out pedicure takes too much time, compromise with some aromatherapy foot lotion and a self-administered foot massage before heading off to bed. Relaxation and rejuvenation will send you straight to dreamland.

You, in Entirety
For your entire body, enjoy a sensuous hot bubble bath with suds of your favorite scent or bath oil beads, bath salts, fizzers or other relaxing bathing products. Fill the tub with warm water - not scalding but not lukewarm. Allow yourself at least 20 minutes to a half hour to enjoy serenity and the soothing suds and waters around you. After a long day in the office, a sporting event or intense workout, a calming bubble bath will wash your cares away.

To enhance the experience:

* Burn an aromatherapy candle on your countertop, away from any potential fire hazards.
* Immerse yourself in a good book or magazine.
* Play soft and tranquil music in the background.
* Treat yourself to a plate of healthy snacks - frozen grapes, vegetable sticks, applesauce, pudding or yogurt.
* Close your eyes and daydream, but be careful not to fall asleep.
* Wrap yourself in a fluffy towel at the conclusion of your bath.
Another body renewing trick makes things about as simple as they get exercise!
Mild exercises such as crunches, sit-ups, push-ups and maybe even an early morning run will help your overall spirit and frame of mind by awakening your muscles and reminding your body how great it feels to stay active.

By combining all of these steps or concentrating on only a few, your body should be well on its way to a more relaxed and recharged state. By adding some relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation, your stress load should diminish, leaving you with more energy for those things that are most important to you.

Self Renewal

Self Renewal
Self Renewal

Self RenewalSelf Renewal
Self Renewal

Self RenewalSelf Renewal
Self Renewal


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